In 2012, among the many collaborations which were established with the Macedonian artists, we single out the collaboration with TONI SHULAJKOVSKI, who had an jubilee exhibition in the OSTEN Gallery(20 years of creativity) and by that means he gave away 20 of his art works that are now in the OSTEN collection, and also took part in the World Gallery of Drawings – BIENNIAL OF DRAWINGS, Skopje 2012.Considering his successful work, and mostly his abilities and plans for further cooperation, OSTEN declares TONI SHULAJKOVSKI as Artist of the Year for 2012.
In terms of the event, the AWARD FOR LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT goes to an artist who reached the best in his work and had significant success (in the country and beyond) in his professional life, from which OSTEN had a great cooperation and his works are in the collection of OSTEN. Last year we achieved an excellent collaboration with TRAJCHE JANCHEVSKI, an artist who in the year of 1998 was given the GOLD MEDAL – a French award for honor and reputation in The Academy of Arts in Central Europe in Paris, so in terms of the event OSTEN gives the AWARD FOR LIFE ACHIEVEMENT.
Trajche JANCHEVSKI, drawing, watercolor, 110x190cm

Toni SHULAJKOVSKI, drawing, pencil in color, 110x190cm