Awarded artists

As great admirer to art, as a connoisseur of the needs of artists and creative processes in artwork, OSTEN - art on paper stimulates, motivates and incites artists to create by granting rewards. Even though the established communication and cooperation with the participants of the World Gallery of Drawing is a reward in itself, the valorization of efforts and recognition of personal segments integrated in paper drawings or painted canvases provide the authors additional incentive for further creation. We established an awarding system by the means of which we appreciate authors and by the means of which we strive to value each distinct artistic quality and sensibility.

World Cultural Heritage Award – awarded to an artist that immensely influenced the world art with his/her work. Grand Prix – awarded to an author that during his/her professional life has arrived at thetop of his/her professional career, or whose artwork is the pinnacle of his/her creation thus far. First prizes – awarded to masters in their field and it is evident that their artwork falls under the category of worldwide significant artwork.

GOLDEN OSTEN Award – is awarded to artists whose creation we wish to further stimulate, hence apart of the award consists of their participation in the Artist Residency Program GOLDEN OSTEN, organized by OSTEN - art on paper every second year (in-between the years of the World Gallery of Drawing as a biennale event). Special prizes – awarded by the jury or by OSTEN - art on paper are always recognition of the distinctiveness of the artistic expression in authors’ artwork.

By the means of granted awards and recognitions, we would like to provoke the artists to strive towards quality and continuity increation, but also to set up our own, individual challenges. In addition to the award fees for each category respectively, we are attempting to collect as many artworks as the number of years of existence of OSTEN (this 2011 - 66 years) by the awarded authors under the Award - World Cultural Heritage and Grand Prix, as well as half that number (33 artworks) by the recipients of First Prize.

However, our greatest challenge would be securing an adequate space for the entire surged artistic energy around OSTEN - art on paper, and the solution is the Museum of Drawing where the entire artwork of awarded authors under the World Gallery of Drawing will be accommodated. We would like to give rise to the Museum of Drawing as a beacon guiding and assuring artists that they are on the right track in building their artistic expression.