Georgievski was born in 1942 in Skopje, Macedonia.
After finishing the secundary art school, he attend at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrad in 1958. He was working as a professor on the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Drama Arts in Skopje from the early seventies, till the beginning of the new milenium. He is living and working in Skopje.
Georgievski has passed through several phases in his artistic expression, but always he has sucessfuly faced the emphasized originaity. In his paintings, drawings, reliefs, sculprures, theater costume designs and scenographies, there are plenty of actors from the many layers of the civilization: the Spanish nobleman Don Quixote, Dostoevsky, Bach, Beethoven, Adam and Eve etc. He has performed solo exhibition in Skopje, Belgrade, Istanbul, Wien, Rome, Kiev, Sofia and Sankt Petersburg. 
He is the winner of the AWARD FOR LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT 2014 at the annual event the OSTEN’s ARTISTS OF THE YEAR.

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