Tic-Tac motivation, INVITATION for PARTICIPATION on the OSTEN BIENNIAL of DRAWING Skopje 2016

Respected Sir or Madam,
What is the idea and the initial thought that give a meaning to a drawing, the medium that is being chosen and the technique that accompanies its creation?

The decision making process, the meaning behind of your art work doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and to be executed through the usage of pencil, pastel or aquarelle, on a two-dimensional surface. Investigate! Innovate!
The interdisciplinary combining of several artistic specialties, such as music, visual art or dance, variety of social, cultural and intellectual modules are optional with rejection of linear progression. Characterized with an interdisciplinary approach, stories, fragmentations, sub realities, the unpredictability of some long forgotten lives or external identities, recognizing some embodied flaws of the traditional understanding of a drawing and the socially imposed construction of its rigidity reveals that, far from being independent and self-determined in terms of the liberal theory, people are inevitably embodied in the society, depending on its institutions, conventions and cultures. Perhaps what we need to do is progress and improve. If we want to change or advance the discourse, we, the artists, must start transforming the discourse on what a drawing is and fundamentally-its meaning.
In this context, the imagination of one must grow.
People need to discover and rediscover the positive manifestations of the materialization of a drawing and to altruistically share what they create with their hearts and souls.

Osten team,
Doroti Packova