Exhibition of the World Cultural Heritage award holders - Vasarely, Dali, Picasso, Pandilov, Miro

From 09.02.2017 to 09.03.2017, OSTEN gallery held an exhibition dedicated to the recipients of the World Cultural Heritage award on the OSTEN Biennial of Drawing Skopje, holders of the award being deceased artists, well known in the art world, who have managed through their work to start new trends in terms of artistic expression which to this day inspire artists, but also "mortals".
On display were prints, drawings and paintings by Victor Vasarely, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Dimitar Pandilov and Joan Miro.

Vasarely, the founder of Op-Art (Optical art) managed to set the foundation for a completely new artistic expression based on optical illusion. It was masterly delivered long before the invention of computers, as a kind of trick which makes the observer think that he is witnessing a movement in the work itself, which is an indicator of the artist’s amazing abilities to enter into a new realm of perception, opening thus a completely new world of possibilities in terms of artistic expression.

One of the most famous Surrealists, the controversial and eccentric Salvador Dali, long after his death ripples conventional notions of how far the artist can go in terms of the body of work if he goes as far as possible into the self. He drew much of the inspiration from the well of his own subconsciousness, fearlessly penetrating into the sphere of the unknown and revealing the acquired knowledge through his masterpieces which, even today, are nothing less than simply breathtaking.

Picasso is best known as a Cubist, but to give exclusivity to this movement as something that defines his identity as one of the greatest artists of our time, would be a reflection of total ignorance. Pablo Picasso was one of the most creative and best prepared for experimenting with his own abilities in the group of artists included in the exhibition. He ruled the art scene primarily because of his superhuman ability to express himself through a variety of techniques and styles, achieving amazing results in terms of artistic expression within them all. Precisely for this reason, Picasso is a true legend in the art world.
The significance of Picasso globally is quite the same as Dimitar Pandilov’s on the Macedonian art scene. He is considered the first Macedonian impressionist and founder of the modern Macedonian art. Landscapes are his favorite theme, through which he captures the beauty of his homeland, but in a modest and unobtrusive manner, which leaves room for the viewer to truly enjoy the artist’s choice of colors from the palette, wondering, what other beauties are hidden in this a small piece of land.
The Catalan pride Joan Miro is an extremely interesting artist. One of his more exciting achievements is his personal pictorial sign language which is central to his work, reflecting the artist’s evident ambition to position himself high on the pedestal among the Surrealists. Miro, like all the other devotees to this movement, tested his imagination which eventually took him somewhere he probably didn’t  even dream he would end up - at the very top, among the other geniuses that the art world will remember and glorify for many years to come.


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