MICKO Mice Jankulovski | Form III – PRODUCTION 2020 | Solo Exhibition of Paintings | 8-22 December 2020 | OSTEN Gallery Skopje

About the exhibition
The main characteristics of the works from the Form III by Jankulovski are:
Monochromatic – because he uses only one color – the black
Modularity – because the dimensions are thought out and always in a certain ratio with each other
Multiplicity – because the images are multiplied and new works are created
Minimalism – because the works, concept and context of his artwork are achieved by minimum elements... which is actually the hardest thing to do, but MICKO’s paintings exposed in this exhibition are result of 50 years artistic production!
The key word for MICKO’s most recent works is focusing! When you focus on something with love and passion – a whole new world is opening to you. MICKO’s most recent production in painting is all about it…
Kornelija Koneska, curator

About the artist
1954  Born in Slivovo, Ohrid, Macedonia
Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture
University „St. Cyril & Methodius” Skopje
 Lives and works in Skopje, North Macedonia
Jankulovski is a multimedia artist who has been publicly present through multiple artistic disciplines (cartoons, painting on glass, animation film, palindromes…), while consistently dedicated in researching and creating in painting and drawing.
His biography features more than fifty solo exhibitions in N. Macedonia and abroad and notable presentations on important international exhibitions and Biennials.
He is a receiver of many awards including: El Greco Award for Best Artist (Art Thessaloniki 2019, Greece); Lorenco Il Magnifico Award for Lifetime Achievement (XII Florence Biennale 2019, Italy); Artist of the World (Larnaca Biennale 2018, Cyprus); GRAND PRIX (19th International Print Biennial 2017, Varna, Bulgaria); GRAND PRIX (1997) and two Special Prizes (1985, 1971) on the World Gallery of Cartoon, Skopje; City of Skopje Award “13th November” (1985) ... and many others.
Many authors have written reviews and critical texts about Jankulovski’s work, among them Naume Radiceski, Vladimir Georgievski, Paskal Gilevski, Ljuben Paunovski, Vladimir Velickovski, Safet Ahmeti, Maja Cankulovska-Mihajlovska, Vladimir Janchevski, Sonja Abadzieva and other domestic critics.
Beside numerous articles, books and catalogues during his professional work, several monographs were published, with reviews by foreign art critics and internationally renowned art historians such as Aleksandr Borovsky, Russia; Enzo di Martino, Italy; Prof. Manos Stefanidis, Greece; Dr. Melanie Zeferrino, Italy; Zsolt Petrányi PhD, Hungary; Denitsa Yaneva PhD, Bulgaria, as well as colleagues-artists Maty Grunberg, Israel, Olga Tobreluts, Russia and the diplomat, writer and poet Milan Jazbec, Slovenia.
Jankulovski is included in the anthology “Macedonian Caricature” by Vladimir Velickovski (1994) and in the anthology “Visual Arts in Macedonia – XX century”, Book II - Multimedia Art by Sonja Abadzieva (2017).




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