MARIA PAVLOVSKA | Mrs. & Ms. X - SOLO EXHIBITION | Print Portfolio & Video Presentation OSTEN BIENNIAL OF DRAWING 2022 - PREVIEW

As we announced at the Press Conference 2 days ago (March 15, 2022 - when they announced the awards at the OSTEN BIENNIAL of the DRAWING Skopje 2022 - GRAND PRIX for Lifetime Achievement for Joseph KOSUTH, USA and the WORLD CULTURAL HERITAGE AWARD for the work of REBRANDT, the Netherlands (1606-1669) at OSTEN), OSTEN is begginig to announcethe artists which are participants at this year's OSTEN BIENNIAL of the DRAWING Skopje 2022 with Marija PAVLOVSKA's project "Mrs. and Mrs. X.".
Today at Gallery OSTEN at 12 PM, the multimedia project "Mrs. and Mrs. X." which was created by the macedonian and international artist Marija PAVLOVSKA was presented by the curator Kornelija Koneska.
The project consists of an exhibition of a polyptych of 32 digital works (50 x 50 cm / each) and a video as an integral part of the exhibition.
At the same time, OSTEN prepared a graphic map of 12 selected works from the project "Mrs. and Mrs. X" in a edition of 5 copies, and with their signing by the artist Pavlovska, she became part of the group of international artists whose graphic maps are the only Library of graphic maps "World Cultural Heritage" published by OSTEN Skopje.

For the project "Mrs. and Mrs. X" by Marija Pavlovska
(text by Kornelija Koneska)
The cycle of 32 digital works and a video called "Mrs. and Mrs. X" by Marija Pavlovska is an echo of Pavlovska's extremely strong female energywhich represents the complex, multilayered nature of the female element - from the woman as Mother Earth to the woman Mrs. and Mrs. X - as an equal subject of modern society with completely retained attributes of femininity.
Three elements dominate this series - the wire, the circle and the wall.
The wire - as a symbol of unbreakability, which takes the form of countless circles, perfect and imperfect (symbol of countless decisions that a woman has to make in her life), but always perfect (like the circle), as well as their reflections (shadows) on the white surface of the wall - the continuous obstacles and challenges in every woman's life.
The video (which is a part of the exhibition) with the sound and the moving images - only visually complements the moment of multidimensionality and complexity of the woman and her transformation. The moment of transformation in this project has universal significance because it applies equally to the transformation of woman during her life in this earthly dimension, as well as to the transformation of woman throughout the history of mankind.

About the artist Marija Pavlovska
Pavlovska's artistic journey began at an early age. She is born in Skopje, Macedonia (Yugoslavia). Started her residency after studying and had solo exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Slovenia, Vienna, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Nuremberg (Germany) and New York. After her first solo show in New York in 2007, she lives in New York and continues to be active on the New York art scene, as well as internationally. Her works have been presented around the world in over 30 solo exhibitions and more than 100 group international exhibitions. Her artwork has been featured in many magazines, newspaper articles and catalogs in museums and galleries around the world.