Official Meeting with the Ambassador of Japan in the Republic of Macedonia and the artist Liku M. Takahashi

Honorable visit for a great occasion yesterday!
Donation of two works by Liku M Takahashi to the OSTEN Collection in the presence of H.E. Mr. Sawada Hironori & spouse and the second secretary Mr. Masahiro Saiga from the Embassy of Japan in North Macedonia. One more piece of evidence is that art is creating bridges.
We thank you!
A total of 10 artists from Japan will participate at the Osten Biennial of Drawing Skopje 2022, – Liku Maria Takahashi will be joined by Makiko Aoki, Kenryo Hara, Manami Kawasaki, Nobuhiro Mido, Etsuko Naito, Dan Obana, Mayu Shiomi, Yoshikatsu Tamekane and Yoshiko Yoshida. The OSTEN Gallery is home to 133 works of art by 41 Japanese artists.