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Opening of the first World Gallery of Cartoon 1969.
The famous cartoonist of El Salvador Jose Bernardo Pacheco – NANDOin 1969 letting a dove (the symbol of the World Gallery of Cartoon) fly.


1945 - The beginnings…                        
At the outset, “Osten” was a satire to the bulletin of the First Macedonian Liberating Peoples Strike Brigade entitled “Sred pole dzundzule” (In midfield – marigold). The pioneers of “Osten” in this period were as follows: Lazar Mojsov, Blaze  Koneski, Vlado Maleski, Kiro Hadzivasilev and others. The first issue was published on the 1st January 1945. 

1951- Setting up“Osten”
Since 1951 up to 1966, “Osten” developed into a journal. Sections of humor, satire and cartoon found their place in daily newspapers, and also placed an appearance in a new medium – radio Skopje. During this period, the editor-in-chief was Vlado Maleski and the journal was supported by the Association of Journalists of Macedonia. In the setting up of the journal, a plead of social and cultural workers operated as volunteers among which the following: Slavko Janevski, Pande Jarevski, Vasilie Popovic-Cico, Cvetan Stanoevski, Darko Markovic, Mile Poposki, Aco Sopov etc. Up to its development until 1968, the journal established its own professional newsroom and the first editor-in-chief was Darko Markovic. 

1969- The World Gallery of Cartoons
The newsroom of “Osten” founded and organized the World Gallery of Cartoons, an event that takes place once per year to this day. A year later, “Osten” and the World Gallery of Cartoons become a part of the NIP (Newspaper Printing Company) “Nova Makedonija”. 

1991 - Transformation of “Osten”
The form, scope, content and frequency of publication of “Osten” were inconsistent. It was published as a monthly journal of 100 pages, but more often was issued as a two-week journal coming out on the 1st and 15th of the month. On the 1st May 1990, “Osten” became a weekly paper, and was issued 4 times a month. Almost all prominent names inthe area of humor, satire and cartoon in Republic of Macedonia had their share published in “Osten”. Especially admirable is the major number of authors signing as associates. For almost every issue of “Osten”, the numberof external associates revolved around 40. To this day, the position of editor-in-chief of “Osten” has been occupied by: Vlado Maleski, Slavko Janevski, Aco Sopov, Darko Markovic, Vladislav Jocic, Dusan Jelenkovic, Ljupco Siljanovski, Eftim Proevski and Dimitar Cudo. 

2004 – “Osten” as a brand
The brand “Osten”, the World Gallery of Cartoons and the World Gallery of Drawing are now successful in their operation following the transformation of the brand “Osten” into a private company managed by Mice Jankulovski. However, this is not all… Read more about the new and developing projects under the section PROJECTS.