Exhibition at CIC - Skopje

OSTEN Biennale of Awarded Artists 2011

Exhibition of the OSTEN Biennale of Awarded Artists 2011 will be put ondisplay at the Cultural Information Center - Skopje, on Thursday, 17th November 2011, at 8pm. The same exhibition was launched on the 22nd September at the terrace of hotel Apollonia, Gevgelija Square.  

Distinguished artists from Germany, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria and Macedonia - recipients of the award “Golden Osten” at the 38th World Gallery of Drawing 2010, during their stay in Ohrid and Gevgelija in September 2011, produced new artwork which is a part of this exhibition.

OSTEN ARTISTS are as follows: Joze Ciuha (Slovenia), Bozidar Damjanovski (Serbia), Peter Heydeck (Germany), Simon Semov (Macedonia), Vasko Taskovski (Macedonia), Stefan Berger (Sweden), Venceslav Antonov (Bulgaria), Pawel Warchol (Poland), Paolo Ciampini (Italy), Nice Vasilev (Macedonia), Pavle Kuzmanoski (Macedonia), Agata Gerchen(Poland), Done Miljanovski (Macedonia), Jovan Balov (Germany), Mice Jankulovski (Macedonia) and Rosica Lazeska (Macedonia).

The exhibition is composed of 16pieces (canvases 170x340 cm. in size) competing for the OSTEN awards. Concurrently, in the Gallery OSTEN, drawings (170x340cm.) of the awarded authors will be exhibited as well.