Exhibition by Irena PASKALI - "Timeless"

The exhibition of Irena Paskali - TIMELESS is a multimedia project consists of three parts: drawings, experimental films and aquarelles. 

DRAWINGS with mediavel charcoal, 2016
The drawings, by their format, are tipical horizontals drawn on paper strips 50 x 1000 cm with mediavel charcoal (before 18th centrury). By their style, they are clear, pure, distinct and elegant when the wood charcoal stands for itself.

On the exhibition will be also presented two experimental films, on 8mm:

DOORS, 2015/2016
The doors, gorgeous or easy act often how of the time like. They are silence witnesses to the past times, let suspect how behind them lived and suffering was.

TIMELESS, 2015/2016
The religious buildings in Jerusalem, Ohrid – are timeless 
The woman: a child / a girl / a woman – is timeless
The water is timeless
The man is timelessly striving to go upwards... 

AQUARELLES, 2003/2004
The artist has created these pieces using her own blood as a material for aquarelle. Twenty-five aquarelles have been created, all in different sizes and themes, such as landscapes, portraits and still life, and six of them will be exhibited in the OSTEN Gallery.

The idea for this extraordinary work has begun developing during the project ”Hybrid-Liquid-The Art Force”, Workshop & Exhibition, Casino Luxembourg in Luxembourg in 2003, and has ended with the exhibition of her works in Hall in Tyrol “Mazedonien unter/über alles “, in Austria, 2004. 


About the artist:

Irena Paskali was born in 1969 Ohrid, grew up in Skopje, and today she lives in Cologne, Germany.
She studied at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, before she took up the post-graduate studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, where she graduated in 2007. 

Paskali is a contemporary Macedonian artist, who provoked, especially by her works with social-political background. Her focus is the inner conflict of cultures and religions, questions of identity and alienation – themes that she experienced at a first hand in her homeland, and they continue to accompany her abroad. Since 2001 she has participated in numerous exhibitions, festivals and Artists in Residence - participated programs, in addition to her home country Macedonia, inter alia, in Germany, Austria, USA, Serbia, Bulgaria, England and the beginning of 2007 with the solo exhibition "Urban Landscape" in the Cité International des Arts, Paris. 

Irena Paskali works with many media: photography, print, drawing, video, and various materials that compose lead to installations.