Gallery OSTEN

Gallery OSTEN is a professionally designed and equipped space of 120m2 and is intended for multiple purposes. The premise is the headquarters of all activities of OSTEN - art on paper, as well as the World Gallery of Cartoons and the World Gallery of Drawing, even though is not limited only to cartoons and drawings. On the contrary, in Gallery OSTEN exhibitions of all other artistic production can be organized.

Organizing exhibition

We encourage all artists aspiring to organize an exhibition in the Gallery to fill out the Application for Exhibition Arrangement and send it via post or at the email address of OSTEN. All applications of artists arriving by the end of December, 1st following the approval by the Expert Committee of OSTEN - art on paper shall be incorporated in the agenda of the program activities for the following year. The artists that will show interest in exhibiting drawing shall be automatically scheduled to participate at the next World Gallery of Drawingevent.

Organize event

Dependent on the Annual Program of OSTEN, the space can be occasionally used for arranging relating events such as: programs in the area of culture and art, promotions, soirées, receptions etc. All interested parties for this type of cooperation can take a look at the Rulebook below and fill out the Application for Event Arrangement and send it via the post or at the email address of OSTEN.

For the purposes of arranging your future event in the gallery OSTEN, please consult the following links:
OSTEN Gallery Plan Premise Renting Rulebook

If you need further detail about your arrangements please contact us: OSTEN
8 Udarna Brigada No.2 1000 Skopje
Phone: +389 2 321 3665