Darko Markovich (Macedonia) was born in Skopje in 1940. He is a cartoonist, satirist, moviedirector, screenwriter and designer, animator, comic book artist andillustrator. He started his professional cartoonist career in 1960, working fornumerous newspapers and magazines in Macedoniaand former Yugoslavia.From 1966 until 1975 he was working as an editor-in-chief in “Osten”- magazinefor humor and satire and as a director of the World Gallery of Cartoon in Skopje, For his cartoonsand animated films has received over 30 awards and prizes. He lives and worksin Skopje. He isalso working on the comic strip “Pecko”.
Dragan Popovski (Macedonia) was born in Skopje in 1947. His background education isin electric engineering. He has been working with cartoons more than 40 years.Has also participated in numerous exhibitions within the country and abroad andhas won several awards. So far he has collaborated with many newspapers.Currently, he is working as a regular cartoonist in the daily newspaper“Utrinski Vesnik”.
Georgievski Miroslav-Miro (Macedonia) was born in 1946, and his background education is in mechanic engineering, aprofession he remains faithful to throughout his professional life span. Comicsand cartoons have always been his favorite pastime, however for the past 20years he has been more focused on cartoons, especially upon becoming a memberof the Croatian Association of Cartoonists. His artwork has been published inmore than 30 magazines. He is the recipient of 38 domestic and internationalawards and recognitions.    
Mice Jankulovski (Macedonia) was born in June 1954 in Slivovo, Macedonia. Hegraduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje. He is active in painting andcartoons, and is the recipient of numerous awards. He has organized over 30individual exhibitions across the globe.  
Tchavdar Nikolov (Bulgaria) was born in 1959. He was published in many Bulgarian newspapers and magazines,as well as in the British “Guardian” and “Private Eye”. He acquired a Master ofArt degree at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in Great Britain.Since 1997 up to 2002, he was working as a cartoonist in the newspaper“Demokratija”. In the period between 2000 and 2002 he was working as ascreenwriter and artist of animated political videos in the sequence “Panorama”at the Bulgarian national channel. Since 2005 up till now, he is working as acartoonist in the newspaper “Novinar”. He is the recipient of numerous Europeanawards.
Ljubomir Mihajlov (Bulgaria) was born in 1950 in Kavarna. He is working in the area of cartoons, graphicdesign, illustration and literature. He is a member of SBH and FECO (Federationof European Cartoonists). He has been working as a publishing artist in“Tehnika”, “Dino i Dina”, “Strshel” and other. Presently he is the manager of“Mishlena”, a company for graphic design, prepress and press. He is the editorof the “Annual Catalogue of Bulgarian Cartoon” – edition of the section“Karikatura” by SBH. He is the organizer of the First International Exhibitionof Cartoons, Sofia 2010. Recipient of many awards for cartoons in Europe and worldwide. 
Alla and Chavdar Georgievi (Bulgaria) have been working together in the area of cartoons since 1982. They havereceived more than 30 national and international awards. In 2008 they receivedthe Grand Prix for Cartoon at the Association of Bulgarian Artists. In 2010they received the award of Doncho Donev. They both have had 5 independentexhibitions among which in Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Sofia and Kiev, Ukraine. Theyhave published the book “Zagubeni vo rajot”. Their artwork is a part ofnumerous prestigious international gallery collections. Similarly, theirartwork has been published in numerous popular international magazines forhumor.