48th World Gallery of Cartoons – Skopje 2016

Dear friends cartoonists,

2015 was very improtant year for OSTEN – 70-years anniversity of its establishment (it was established 1st January 1945). This is respectful jubilee, but therefore the responsibility for running OSTEN and the World Gallery of Cartoons is huge…

Over the time, OSTEN has experienced different fortune – from being completely supported by the community and institutions, to transitional inability for realization of the basic activities. In that transitional period, from 2005 to 2008 – four editions of the World Gallery of Cartoons were not held, and that affects with disorder in the years of its organizing. 
During the 2014-2015, besides the regular, we have organized three digital cartoons competitions, which fulfil three of the missed editions, while already organized Digital Cartoon Contest on theme ‘Beer’ is announced as the 48th WORLD GALLERY of CARTOONS Skopje 2016. With this, the last gap in the order of organizing the event will be filled and thus will ensure the continuity of the World Gallery of Cartoons.

48th World Gallery of Cartoons – Skopje 2016
Digital Cartoons Competition on theme ‘Beer’

We have received on the competition 341 digital cartoons from 141 cartoonists from 56 countries worldwide. We have had very competent selector, the outstanding cartoonist Aleksandar BLATNIK from Serbia, who had selected three cartoonists for the equal First Awards: 

Angel BOLIGAN, Mexico 
Oleksiy KUSTOVSKY - KUSTO, Ukraine 

Jordan POP-ILIEV, Macedonia

The winners shall receive PLAQUES and solo exhibitions at OSTEN Gallery in Skopje.
For the 48th World Gallery of Cartoons (Digital Cartoons Competition on theme 'Beer'), digital catalog will be published, where all participants of the competition will be presented. The catalog can be downloaded from the