On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of OSTEN (founded in 1945) we are pleased to present the OSTEN ART FESTIVAL!
We invite all young artists who study or work together, to use this opportunity as a reason to create a joint activity within the OSTEN ART FESTIVAL, seizing the opportunity to establish a deep and long-term cooperation with OSTEN and its well-known activities in the world.
It is an art and residency program held in Skopje, N.Macedonia, concentrated in OSTEN GALLERY, where artists have the opportunity to create their art inspired by the environment, located in the center of Skopje - OSTEN ART Hotel, networking our highly regarded contact list, which allows for individual deepening in each artist, contributing to development.
Every artist with high goals and ambitions is welcome, and everything else will be taken care of by the OSTEN team!