Biennale of Awarded Authors

The character of competence as an integral part of the organizational concept brought about the creative and intellectual competition of equals, i.e. the 16 participants of the 39th World Gallery of Drawing 2011- Biennial of Awarded Artists concurrently awarded as OSTEN artists of the year 2011. By submitting their latest work, they competed for one of the awards, the granting of which was decided by the Ambassadors of OSTEN. 

OSTEN - art on paper, invests great focus on the awards recipients. Our intention as hosts of the World Gallery of Drawing is not only to grant an onetime award to artists, but to continuously invite them to take on challenges, to incite competition and stimulate creation. This is the core idea behind the set up of the Artist Residency Program Golden OSTEN, a biennial event that will take place in the subsequent year, following the World Gallery of Drawing event, and the right to participation will be retained by the recipients of awards of the preceding World Gallery of Drawing event. 

Recipients of awards:

Grand Prix - VASKO TASKOVSKI, Macedonia 

First Prize Award - PETER HEYDECK, Germany
First Prize Award - STEFAN BERGER, Sweden
First Prize Award - PAWEL WARCHOL, Polland