PICASSO, drawings, graphics and ceramics - sixty-six artworks from OSTENs collection

At the 38th World Gallery of Drawing - Skopje 2010 the winner of the World Cultural Heritage Award was Pablo Picasso. According to the Statute, Osten is challenged to provide as many works by the award winners as the Osten brand has years in the year the award has been assigned. Therefore: sixty-six works of art by Pablo Picasso, owned by Osten, are presented in this book. 

Yet, however large a collection of works by this particular artist might be it bears an epithet of being 'small' referring to his complete opus. It is an insight into the capacity of various stages, moods and approaches of the artist in different periods of his life that the selection made for this exhibition can offer. Apart from the so called 'Classical' mediums, such as oil painting and sculpture, the Picasso opus comprises of numerous series of graphics, ceramics, as well as instantaneous sketches made 'in situ' and becoming a trade mark of his working style. We find them in books, in catalogs, in all kinds of publications, postcards, letters etc., being part of an inscription, or honoring certain people. Those drawings have been created in various known and unknown-experimental techniques. Adding to the variety of techniques a variety of themes – yet, emphasizing that some of them persist  throughout his creation – as well as being the highest masterstroke and an unstoppable outburst of creativity, brings us to the work of Picasso, one of the twentieth century’s most important and influential artistic figures. 

Safet Ahmeti (MA), Art Historian