OSTEN – art on paper

OSTEN – art on paper has respect for the past, is active in the present and has faith in the future. The experience of the 66-year long tradition of the World Gallery of Cartoons and World Gallery of Drawing is an excellent baseline for deliberation and inclusion of different development projects. We are open tocreative, well thought of and substantive project activities that will attractand educate the wider audience and meanwhile will influence the improvement of social life in the area of culture and art. We consider that to be our contribution towards building a relevant and critically acclaimed audience, anequal admirer and connoisseur of art. Similarly our task and purpose is to animate and engage as many as possible of professional theorists, critics and arthistorians, which will provide an insight to the content of the artwork in anyform and hence produce materials that will document the development and movements of art in our time, and correspondingly place art to a more accessible level for the wider audience.

We believe that the information and energy exchanged during the organization of contemporary project activities, in which we give the priority to new media as means of expression and to new and creative communication patterns between the artists and wider community, will ultimately contribute to an overall advancement of society as a whole.