RULES for participation

The ORGANIZATION PROCESS of the World Gallery of Cartoons takes place in four stages: application, selection, jury and announcement of the awarded cartoonists.
CARTOOONISTS regardless of their age, geographical origin, gender or technique / medium in which they work can participate in the event with CARTOONS, SATIRICAL DRAWINGS and/or COMICS such as:
- ORIGINAL WORKS (hand drawn / painted on paper or other medium) or
- DIGITAL WORKS (printed, numbered and signed in pencil)
PARTICIPATION in the event is:
- WITH NO PARTICIPATION FEES (if the registered works remain in the Osten collection) or
- WITH A PARTICIPATION FEE OF 20 USD (unselected works are returned at the request and at the expense of the authors)
A SELECTOR appointed by the Organizer makes a list of SELECTED CARTOONSTS, and an INTERNATIONAL JURY of 5 members makes a list of FINALISTS and decides on the AWARDS provided by the Organizer.

FOR EVERY EDITION of the World Gallery of cartoons OSTEN:
 - ANNOUNCES THE PRIZES awarded in the TERMS OF PARTICIPATION of the current edition
- ORGANIZES AN OFFICIAL EXHIBITION of the awarded cartoonists, the finalists and the selected cartoonists with the awarding of prizes to the awarded cartoonists.
- PRINT EXCLUSIVE CATALOG in which the award-winning cartoonists, finalists and selected cartoonists are presented with one work each.
- A MAJOR INTERNATIONAL MEDIA AND INTERNET CAMPAIGN is being undertaken to maintain and grow the popularity of this prestigious cartoon event.
ALL participating CARTOONISTS will be published in the Participant Index of the current edition of the World Gallery of Cartoons catalog and ALL PARTICIPANTS will receive a digital version of the catalog.
SELECTED CARTOONISTS and FINALISTS are presented in the catalog with one reproduction and receive a digital OUTSTANDING CARTOONIST or FINALIST PLAQUE.
AWARDED CARTOONISTS receive a CASH PRIZE (if it comes with the prize), a PLAQUE and a CATALOG by mail,
* If they decide to come to Skopje during the organization of the official exhibition and award ceremony of the World Gallery of Cartoons, OSTEN provides their 3-day accommodation.

ALL SELECTED WORKS remain in the collection of the OSTEN Museum, and the rest are returned upon request and at the expense of the cartoonists by registered mail. OSTEN is not responsible for possible damages or loss of the sent works.
ALL WORKS REMAINING IN THE OSTEN COLLECTION are considered a donation from their authors and are NOT for commercial purposes. With the donation of the works by the authors, OSTEN acquires:
- EXCLUSIVE SUBSTANTIAL RIGHT to the works (and obligation to keep them)
- NON-EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to use, study, exhibit and publish the works from the collection for advertising and promotion of the cartoonists, the collection and the event itself, without compensation to the artists and without restrictions on the type of media, time period and place of publication. Any other aspect of the copyright of the works in the OSTEN collection remains with the authors.

In case of other circumstances, a NEW AGREEMENT will be made between OSTEN and the authors.
Occasionally, OSTEN will organize thematic contests for digital cartoons, but these will be separately announced and promoted.