RULES for participation


CARTOONISTS from all over the world - professional, semi-professional and amateur can participate. There is NO ENTRY FEE.

ORIGINAL CARTOONS, SATIRICAL DRAWINGS AND COMICS/STRIPS – hand drawn works on paper, which are original works of the artists and have not been previously published – are eligible to enter the contest.

DIGITAL AND OTHER PRINTED WORKS shall not be accepted in the regular World Gallery of Cartoons, which traditionally is organized every last Thursday of May. Occasionally, OSTEN will organize thematic contests for digital cartoons, but they will be separately announced and promoted.

The names of ALL PARTICIPATING CARTOONISTS are published in the Index of participants of the catalog of the actual edition of the World Gallery of Cartoons. They receive digital version of the catalog and digital Certificates for Participation via e-mail.

SHORT-LISTED CARTOONISTS in the first selection are presented in the catalog with one work. They will receive a free copy of the catalog and printed Certificate as Outstanding Cartoonists of the World Gallery of Cartoons via post mail.

AWARDED CARTOONISTS receive plaques and money prizes (according to the award). They are welcomed, but it is their decision whether they will come on the awards presenting ceremony to receive the award in persona, or not. If they come, OSTEN is covering their 3-days stay in Skopje. If not, they will receive the catalog and the plaque via post mail, and the money prize on their account up to the end of the actual year.

ALL RECEIVED WORKS (except the awarded and selected in the first selection) will be returned to the authors on their request and expense. The works will be sent via registered post mail. OSTEN shall not be held liable for any harms or lost of the works sent.

ALL WORKS THAT REMAIN IN THE COLLECTION OF OSTEN are considered as donation from their authors and they are NOT for commercial purposes. By donation transfer of the ownership of the works from the authors to the organizer:
- OSTEN has exclusive material rights over the works (and responsibility for their safe keeping)
- OSTEN has non-exclusive rights to use, study, expose and publish the works from its collection for advertisement and promotion of the cartoonists, collection and event itself without payment to the artists and without limitation to the type of media, time schedule or publication setting. Every other aspect of the copyrights of the works from the OSTEN collection remains with the authors.
Should any other circumstances appear, a NEW AGREEMENT between OSTEN and the authors shall be done.

On every edition of the World Gallery of Cartoons, OSTEN IS GRANTED:
  3x First Awards (Plaque and money prize)
10x Special Awards (Plaque)
  1x CICO Award (Plaque for Macedonian cartoonist)

For every edition of the World Gallery of Cartoons, OSTEN IS PUBLISHING EXCLUSIVE CATALOG with the selected cartoonists/works. To maintain and grow the popularity of this prestigious cartoons event, a huge media and Internet campaign is undertaken.