Toni Shulajkovski - 20 years of work


Starting from shape, created by a sound that oscillates, the author has a vision for the happenings that are going to leave a mark in his work. The drawing is a product sound vibration which is located in the center of attention, but in every work we can see the new sound wave in a shape that likes to communicate. The drawing foreshadows the beginning of a specific communication between the author , the music and the colors which in this case free the strength of the word and give the author the power of the sound, colored. At the beginning, the communication takes place secretly. In the drawings the communication develops between the rectilinear and the amorphous sound. The rectilinear sound doesan’t support influences and pushes the amorphous into the world of changes .That sound is the one that communicates between the author with other related sounds and is the carrier of the communication. At the same moment we get the impression that the amorphous sound is the author itself, the level of the communication goes higher. Transformed in sound ,the author is a sound who searches appropriate shape, to express himself visually. In that shape, it transforms itself into positive energy. Only in that shape he can communicate with everything that is outside and to travel into all of the routes feeling free. Each and every painting is a secret path to a shelter from where it is hard to tell whether the author entered the sound or the sound entered the author so the border is lost, the space disappeared along with the obstacles. Suddenly, you can go anywhere and you can touch anything and the other way around. The sound is the one that leads to the path of feeling endlessly. Whether that path is going to be exceeded is an individual step. From work to work, the author pushes a certain fling in which himslef enters, follows and accepts as a fling of life. In each painting it is very clear what he wishes to say, and he says that in a very specific yet simple kind of way, possible for anyone to understand. He is in touch constantly with the purity of his soul and at the same time he clears up the sound and through the drawing wishes to connect with the viewer. The observer is pushed to talk about the work, to listen to the oscillations of the colors painted in the drawing, not letting the communication go from author to music to colors. Imperceptibly, Toni Shulajkovski becomes the searcher in space. Under the influence of the sound, he frees himself from the final and the works communicate on higher levels. Listening to the sound which shows through colors that the research has not been finished with the final act of works, they see a new beginning, moving into the public, and for every work starts a personal investigation, opening up new records.

Diana Petkova