THE GERMAN NATIONAL COLLECTION from the OSTEN Museum of Drawing - 2015

Traditionally, marking THE DAY OF EUROPE and this year collaboration with the Delegation of the European Union and GETE Institute in Skopje  -  we organize THE BIG ART EVENT, where all of the GERMAN AUTHORS from the collection of OSTEN Museum of Drawings  are included.

On the exhibition, there has been presented selected drawings and graphics from the authors: Joakim ALBREHT, Horst ANTES, Elvira BAH, Hans BELMER, Jozef BOJS, Volf BAKHOLC, Lovis KORINT, Karl Fred DAMEN, Oto DIL, MAks ERNST, Ginter FRUHTUNK, Vinfred GAL, Rupreht GAJGER, Fridrih GEILER, Hans HARTUNG, Erik HEKEL, Peter KLASEN, Rihard LINDER, Markus LUPERC, A.R. PENK, Volfgang PETRIK, Oto PJEN, Lotar KINTE, Karin SHEKEZI, Rozmari TROKEL, Ginter UEKER, Tomas VIRNIH and Pol VUNDERLIH.

The opening of the exhibition has been held on the 7th of March 2015, 20:20h. in the gallery of OSTEN in Skopje, and additional activity of the event was the lecture and the discussion with the curator Ansgar Lorenc od Dusseldorf, Germany on the 8th of March 2015 (Friday) 12h. in the EU info center.