World Gallery of Drawings

The World Gallery of Drawing draws its inspiration from the 40 years tradition of the World Gallery of Cartoons and represents a natural expansion of the scope of OSTEN by dedicating itself to fostering drawing and graphic arts.
The World Gallery of Drawing is the single event of its kind in Macedonia that keeps up with the contemporary trends in the area of visual arts and is a fast-developing one continuously being enhanced by new content in art on paper. Envisaged as a biennale event, Biennial of Awarded Artists occurs in between the years of the regular World Gallery of Drawing continuing to grant awards to the artist, thus stimulate their further production. As a part of the award GOLDEN OSTEN, awarded at each World Gallery of Drawing event, a residency in Macedonia is foreseen for recipients of this award.
The artwork produced during the stay of artists under the GOLDEN OSTEN art-in-residence-program, as well as artwork from every edition of theWorld Gallery of Drawing, shall be considered the national treasure and a part of the collection of the Museum of Drawing. The Museum of Drawing is one of the latest and the most ambitious of projects of OSTEN - art on paper. We consider our commitment to drawing and nurturing something so basic, elemental and essential to be our greatest contribution to the development of art.