Dear friend Artist,

OSTEN Skopje (as an Organizer) announces the OPEN CALL for ARTISTS to apply for a SOLO EXHIBITION at the OSTEN GALLERY Skopje for 2023!!!

By organizing your SOLO EXHIBITION OSTEN offers three unique opportunities altogether:
-     To participate at the OSTEN ART FESTIVAL Skopje 2023 (with a possibility for you to be awarded according to the system of awards of the OAF Skopje 2023) ► Link

-     To be a part of the PREVIEW PROGRAM and thus to be among the first participating artists at the OSTEN BIENNIAL Skopje 2024 (without an entry fee and with a possibility to be selected/awarded according to the OSTEN BIENNIAL's selection/jurying process & system of awards) ► Link

-     To exhibit side-by-side along the work(s) by the world's most prominent artists (awarded with the main awards in one of the previous editions of the OSTEN BIENNIAL) from the Collection of the OSTEN MUSEUM Skopje, such as Picasso, Vasarely Dali, Miro, Soulages, Kabakov, Kosuth, Abramovic, Cragg, Christo, etc. … for full information please check the ► Link

Concept of the SOLO EXHIBITION
The SOLO EXHIBITION shall be organized in close collaboration between the artist & OSTEN's curator, and according to the high standards for the professional organization of exhibitions in the OSTEN Gallery Skopje (see the gallery's plan attached).
The most unique opportunity for you is to choose (in coordination with the OSTEN’s curator) to exhibit alongside the artwork(s) by world-renowned artists – the holders of the OSTEN BIENNIAL’s main awards: GRAND PRIX for Lifetime Achievement, WORLD CULTURAL HERITAGE Award, FIRST AWARD, etc.
Conditions for PARTICIPATION
Artists can APPLY for a SOLO EXHIBITION (regardless of their age, geographical origin, gender, or technique/media they are working in) by submitting the APPLICATION FORM along with the Artist’s CV & portrait photo(s), and the digital images of the works
ACCEPTANCE NOTE will be sent to all accepted artists from the Organizer’s e-mail address: drawing@osten.com.mk (the Organizer holds the right not to accept the applicant without further explanation)

PARTICIPATION FEE applies for the accepted Artists in two options:
WITH Artist’s PERSONAL PRESENCE at the exhibition
WITHOUT Artist’s PERSONAL PRESENCE at the exhibition
* For full information contact the Organizer at the e-mail: drawing@osten.com.mk 

Artist’s TRAVEL to/from Skopje (for those who plan to come to Skopje) is Artist’s responsibility.
Artist’s works TRANSPORT to/from Skopje (at least one month before the exhibition's opening) is Artist’s responsibility. The Organizer shall not be responsible for loss or damage of the works during the transportation.

Organizer’s address: OSTEN Skopje, 8 Udarna Brigada 2, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia
Be sure to write on the package: NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES / FOR EXHIBITION ONLY!!!
SUMMARY of what OSTEN provides
ORGANIZATION of the SOLO EXHIBITION in the frame of the OSTEN ART FESTIVAL Skopje 2023 (the PREVIEW PROGRAM of the OSTEN BIENNIAL Skopje 2024)
RENT of the OSTEN Gallery for 14 days (certain dates TBD with the Organizer according to the schedule of the available terms for exhibitions)
PROFESSIONAL TEXT for the exhibition by Macedonian curator (if the artist applies with an already curated project, we’ll accept the curator’s text about the project)
PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL – poster, invitation, banner (1 poster + 10 copies of the catalog belong to the artist)
OPENING EVENT organization
PHOTOS & VIDEOS of the exhibition

For the Artist who will come to Skopje OSTEN additionally provides:
HOTEL ACCOMMODATION (incl. breakfast) for 5 nights at the OSTEN ART HOTEL (http://ostenarthotel.com)
NOTE 1.: If the Artist wants to stay more days at the OSTEN ART Hotel the friendly price for the accommodation (incl. breakfast)
NOTE 2.: If the Artist planes to come with an accompanying person, it is free of charge if staying in the same room. If additional room is needed, OSTEN ART Hotel provides accommodation (incl. breakfast) for a friendly price
PRINT PORTFOLIO of 10 Artist’s works in edition of 6 copies (3 for OSTEN / 3 for the Artist)
… and a huge opportunity for FURTHER COOPERATION (in North Macedonia and internationally)